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Video Demo of projects RGAV have produced with TNDV

Video Demo Reel showing work done with Nic Dugger and Resource Group throughout the nation and in different venues including: Conferences, Concerts, Events, Festivals, etc.

Hope you enjoy just a glimpse at some of the fun we had last year producing these.

Thanks Nic for sharing the video.


Can you make this look like HD?

I recently had a client who wanted their project to look like HD, notice the word “look”. When we finally got down to what they really wanted they meant the wide screen look of HD, for play back.

Their budget was well under the normal amounts required to produce a HD video, so we compromised and went to get that look and feel of HD.

First we made sure that all the cameras were able to shoot wide screen in SD – Panasonic AG-DVX100B and added a little 24p for effect.
Next we had to look closely at the lighting and add a couple of fresnels to increase the lighting luminance on the small set and then shoot the video.
In editing the video, everything was cut to give that pristine look with virtually no compression, and by the time it was transferred to DVD it looked great.

For additional costs we could have upgraded the finished video and run it on Blue Ray.
If you looked close- no it was not HD but on a Plasma or LCD screen it still looked good.